Tailor-Made Travel

  • We are skilled at working with seasoned travelers as well as with newcomers to Africa
  • We welcome singles, couples, families, school groups, and more; we understand that each tour group is as unique as the travelers are themselves
  • We are equipped to accommodate your needs – luxury travel or shoestring budget – we have agendas to meet all financial abilities
  • We are ready to work with inexperienced and experienced climbers; we can manage all routes and all possible agendas on our mountain programs

If you want to experience a signature African safari, then travel with us
If you want to venture off the beaten track or to climb a more challenging route,
You will want to travel with us


High Quality Service
We use the best quality equipment, nutrition, technology and staff:

  • At TPK Expeditions, we employ a trained and certified staff team who offer our clients a knowledgeable, safe and attentive experience.
  • We travel in quality vehicles to choice safari locations, carefully selected through the monitoring of wildlife migrations and concentrations
  • We use the best camp equipment – including Mountain Hardware Expedition Tents and Northface Equipment Bags – to guarantee a comfortable mountaineering experience
  • We provide excellent variety in meals; we think about good nutrition and we only work with cooks who are skilled at taking care of people's feeding needs at altitude

If you want to be safe and confident in the care of your staff team, Then climb and travel with us


The Human Touch
We believe in a human-centered approach. We are sensitive to the needs of our guests.
We embrace global travel and cultural diversity:

  • At TPK Expeditions, we provide you with written schedules and travel details; we spend time getting to know you electronically ahead of your travel adventures
  • We will meet with you ourselves when you arrive in a face-to-face welcome briefing.
  • We are locally available during your stay with us – just a phone call away – to address concerns, make changes, or address unexpected itineraries that may come up
  • We debrief with you at the end of your experience to get your feedback on our performance so that we can continue to improve and better serve our clients

If you want to work with people who are sensitive to your needs
and welcoming of your unique perspective,

You will want to climb and travel with us


Responsible Travel
By choosing to travel to East Africa, you are entering part of the world that is less well off than you. Your business brings important economy to Tanzania / Kenya and we appreciate that.

We believe in respectful cross-cultural interactions, and ensure that our business model encourages respect and dignity. Our pledge to you:

  • The dignity and fair treatment of our staff is critical to safe and successful expeditions
  • We strive to pay a good salary to all of our staff and ensure that PORTER welfare is incorporated into all of our trips.
  • On climbing expeditions, we ensure that all of our staff teams are outfitted with appropriate clothing, proper food and water, proper shelter, and are carrying weights below the maximum limit.

If you want to travel responsibly,
to encounter another culture with mutual respect and dignity,

You will want to climb and travel with us

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