Marangu Route (5 days, 4 nights on Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Reputed to be the easiest of the available routes, it is without doubt the most comfortable in terms of facilities and the most convenient in terms of access. Also known as the "Coca Cola Route" because of the practicality, it is by far the most popular route with an estimated 70% of all climbers choosing the route.

This popularity has led to some operators preferring to avoid it due to its non-exclusivity in the National Park Huts and also the overcrowding of the path. However, because of the lack of camping equipment required and therefore lower porter costs, it remains popular with budget travelers.

• Cheap - lower costs for porter-age, access, camping equipment and huts
• Easy to arrange - Hut space permitting
• Gentle ascent - The longest approach to the mountain and the slightest inclines make it attractive to those with little walking experience
• Well-known - Until recently there was more info on Marangu Route than any of the others
• Non exclusivity – sharing of huts
• Overcrowding of the paths
• Use of shared toilets




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